1970 Hemi Steel Wheel

This is an origianl 1970 15″x7″ Hemi steel wheel with the original “450” stamp. The wheel is dated Jan of 1970 and still has the original paint and is very solid and straight.


1970 Hemi Carbs (Auto) – $4000

This is a rare set of 1970 Hemi carbs for automatic cars. They have the J9 date and they are a matching set. They have very good core shafts that are tight and free. All parts are correct except the electric choke and housing that will need to be changed if you are going back to OEM. The rear fuel inlet is for straight light and will need to be changed if going to 90 degree inlet.

J carbs are very unique and were only cast for one month only. They only came for automatic cars and no 4 speeds were made. This is an excellent set of carbs for show restoration. They came from a low mileage car many years ago.


1966 Coronet 440 Hemi

This is an original 1966 Dodge Coronet 440 with 426 Hemi. It is a column shift automatic that was a former weekend drag strip car. As such, there were only 11k original miles on the car. Luckily the car had not been tubbed or cut and there was very little rust. The car had been sitting for many years and was not running when we got it. The car has the original fender tag as well as certicard, and it has been verified that it is an original Hemi car. When we finished the restoration we sold the car. Yes, it is an original triple black car with bench seat (all Coronet 440’s had bench seats). All of the sheet metal work was done with factory original parts, nothing after market was used. 

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