1970 Dodge Charger Rear Finish Panel – Restored – $2250

This is a very nice and original 70 Charger R/T rear finish panel. It has been completely restored to show car standards using an OEM original Charger emblem that has been rechromed and a new aftermarket R/T emblem.

When we restore these rear panels, we strip them down and polish them to a high luster. We then have them re-anodized and then finally we properly mask it off and professionally paint them in the correct color.

$2250 without core exchange
$1950 with exchange

1970 Coronet R/T Rear Finish Panel

This is an original 1970 coronet R/T rear finish panel that has been fully restored. It was a very nice original core to start with and had a high quality restoration done. It was fully stripped and then polished to a high luster. It incorporates fully new anodizing and then was masked and painted the correct satin black. The R/T emblem is new and the Dodge emblem is original with new chrome.

This is show car quality

$2850 without a core return
$2450 with a care return

1970 Superbird Fenders – $3500

Here is a real nice set of or 1970 Coronet fenders that have been converted for a Superbird. The lower front leg has been shortened and bent with a nice lip for the Superbird lower valance. The upper holes have been drilled for top scoops as well.

The fenders were stripped and sealed and then skimmed and primed. They are ready for fit and blocking. They have super solid metal with only a couple very very minor pin holes on the lower leg but really a nice set of original fenders.


1970 NOS Rally Wheels – POR

We bought this set of NOS Rally wheels several years ago from a Chrysler executive. These are original wheels, trim rings, caps and tires that have been in storage since they were new. We put them together and the tires were mounted about 15 years ago for display on a show car but they were never ran down the road. The date code on the tires appear to be for mid 1971 and they are in excellent condition with no cracks or weather marks. The tires even still have the protective coating on them. The made in USA trim rings still have the Chrysler decals on them with part number. There are no lug nuts.

This is a very rare set. Call for pricing

1970 Dodge Charger Rear Tail Panel

This is a restored rear tail panel for a 1970 charger R/T. This was a nice core that was totally striped and restored by “King of Trim”. They striped the panel totally bare and then sanded and straightened it. It was then polished and re-anodized and masked and painted for the correct look. Finally new emblems were installed. This is a very nice piece that is ready for a nice show car. No clips.


1968 Dodge Dart Body Only

This is a very solid 1968 dart body. Just a body, nothing else. There is no front end or deck lid. No bolt on items of any kind. It does have very nice solid quarters, nice trunk pan, and solid floor pans. It was originally stripped and primed many years ago and was going to be for a restoration of another car but that project was cancelled and this was left.

There are no tags, no numbers, no title, just a body.