1969 Plymouth Cuda 440

Yes, this is one of the ultra-rare 1969 Cuda 440s. This one especially unique in that it is the only black one made that came with blue interior. An actual one of one. Unfortunately, this car spent a large portion of its life as a race car, and the body shows it. A lot of work has gone into getting the body work done, but it is a labor of love and is the personal car of one of owners of S&S.

More body & paint work – Nov 2020

When a car demands something far beyond the ordinary, something that “outshines” any car around, we use a special paint process that we came up with. This car demanded and so we shot it with a single stage PPG Concept and then added clear on top of that which gives it the deepest richest black paint job on the planet, you can see the results in the pictures below, which do not do it justice. To get the full effect you have to see it in person, the paint looks like it is five feet deep. We have also started work on the headliner and interior.