1973 Plymouth Cuda 340 – $25k

This is a factory original 1973 Plymouth Cuda 340. It has been sitting since the early 1980’s and as such has only driven 91k original miles. The car includes the number matching motor and transmission, which in this case is an automatic. This car is 95% original. The motor will not run as it is froze up and needs a complete rebuild. There is also some rust in the trunk (see the pictures) and a small amount on the floor. Though the underside of the car is beautiful and the quarter panels are very nice. It is easy to see the condition of the body because the car still has the original paint on it.

The sunroof and the wheels were added around 1980 and look the part for a cool survivor hot rod. This is a real Cuda and they are becoming very scarce, especially survivor cars like this one. It is a good optioned car with everything still present and accounted for. You could put another drive train in it and go cruising as a survivor

This car will be sold whole, please no buyers only looking for parts.


1969 Plymouth Cuda 440

Yes, this is one of the ultra-rare 1969 Cuda 440s. This one especially unique in that it is the only black one made that came with blue interior. An actual one of one. Unfortunately, this car spent a large portion of its life as a race car, and the body shows it. A lot of work has gone into getting the body work done, but it is a labor of love and is the personal car of one of owners of S&S.

More body & paint work – Nov 2020

When a car demands something far beyond the ordinary, something that “outshines” any car around, we use a special paint process that we came up with. This car demanded and so we shot it with a single stage PPG Concept and then added clear on top of that which gives it the deepest richest black paint job on the planet, you can see the results in the pictures below, which do not do it justice. To get the full effect you have to see it in person, the paint looks like it is five feet deep. We have also started work on the headliner and interior.

1970 Cuda 440-6 Sublime Green

This is an amazing car to restore and we are glad to be a part of it. It is a factory 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440-6 pack with 4 speed manual and Dana 4:10 rear end. This car was a race car from the first day out of Chicago area. After its racing days in the 1970s were done, it was left for dead and when it was finally found it was highly cut up and rusted bad.

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1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S

This restoration project has a personal story to it from S&S. The family member that manages and takes care of all of the technology side of S&S (that’s me) has always loved all three generations of the Barracuda, but the second gen cars (1967-69) were always my favorite. When this basket case 1968 Formula S car came up for cheap (well, the end price is never cheap) at a swap meet, we jumped on it. That was a decade ago! Finally, the car has moved up the queue, after seemingly always getting pushed behind a customer car, and the restoration has now begun! The best part about the car is that it is exactly how I would have ordered a 1960s Mopar if I could have! Even the choice of colors. It is a Formula S, 340 with a 4-speed tranny. The paint is light yellow with black sport stripe and black interior. There were not many other options, though it does have power brakes, but manual steering. Perfect!

23 Jan 2019 – Tear down is just about complete and trim and bright work has been sent to the restorers.

11 June 2019 – Shell has been taken to the sand blaster. The gauges have been completely rebuilt and restored. The driveshaft has been rebuilt. All the chrome has been redone as well.

October 2019 – The shell is back and all sealed up. Lots of parts have been redone where possible and purchased new when had to.

1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440-6

This is a cool restoration. It is an Original 1971 Cuda 440 6-Pac, 4-Speed, Dana. On top of that, the color combo is ultra cool, black paint with a black top and black interior with cloth inserts. It was also ordered with the rear window louvers and rally gauges. The car was put on a rotisserie and completely redone. It also had the numbers matching motor and transmission. The car had been in a couple of fender benders and had some rust, so we had to replace all the sheet metal with NOS metal or original metal off of donor cars, no repops on this one. 

1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda 440 4-Speed

This restoration project is a 1970 440 4-speed ‘Cuda that we restored for a customer. A cool original color combo, EV2 orange with a white stripe. The car came out of New York and had MORE than its fair share of rust (See the pictures below). We used all the original sheet metal (as much as possible) to fix the car, which had been sitting for 25+ years. The one good thing is that it had less than 40k original miles. It is a completely #’s matching car with tags and build sheet.

1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

This 1971 ‘Cuda was purchased from us along with a contract to finish the restoration. It is an original 340 4-speed that was restored with a bit of wild. The 340 ended up having more than 400 CID for a bit extra performance and a shaker hood was added. The vinyl top went away as well.