1960 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible – $69k

Here is an ultra rare 1960 Chrysler convertible New Yorker. It is 1 of only 556 produced. There are far fewer than that still around today.

This car was special ordered by Ross Roy and included the special ordered red leather interior. The fender tag shows the special order number of 999 for the interior. We also have been in contact with Rex Roy, son of Ross Roy, to confirm that Ross had the car pulled from the line and the custom interior installed. The interior is still the original interior that came in the car. The outside has been painted once since original. Some of the chrome has been redone but mostly the car is in original condition.

After we purchased the car, we started to fix some of the items that were not working. The power windows have been completely rebuilt and the top and frame have been rebuilt and now work great. The brakes were also rebuilt and now stop the car well. We also have added new tires and gave it a tune up. We simply made it a nice driver car so it can now be driven and look great. It does have some rust on the underside but the frames are solid.

Very few of these cars remain and there are not any others with black paint and red leather. This is a true 1 of 1 car with a unique history. Drive and enjoy now or choose to do a full restoration. There is no better color on these cars than black.

Offered at $69k