1966 Plymouth Belvedere I – $4900

This is a super solid and straight Belvedere I post car from California. It has been off the road and in storage since 1991. It has a good trunk and solid floors with no rust to repair. This is a great car for a Hemi project, it is originally a slant six car with blue on blue. Clear title in hand.


1970 Dodge Challenger Pink – $POR

This is a factory original 1970 Dodge Challenger RT 440 Magnum car…but what makes it really unique is the color combination!

The car is a factory FM3 Panther Pink car with Hot Magenta stripe and blacked out hood. Yes, it was originally ordered that way and we have the original build sheet! There were only 2 Pink/Pink 440 4-barrel cars produced from Chrysler. So it is a one of two built car. It has been off the road since the late 70’s and has only accumulated 44k original miles. Unfortunately it was side swiped on the passenger side (fixed now) and then left for dead in the original owners yard. The motor and trans were pulled and the car was sold to the 2nd owner in Michigan. Restoration was started in the 80’s, but only a small amount was completed. Mostly it sat around in the garage with other pink cars.

Mopar Collectors guide did an article on this car back in the 90’s, but still, nothing more was done. We purchased the car in the early 2000’s and began finding parts and working on the restoration. Because we took our time, the car has tons of original parts. The interior is mostly original including seat covers, door panels and the dash pad. The carpet and headliner are new.

The motor has the correct dates F440-HP along with the transmission. Most of the parts we used are OEM or NOS. The rear wing was added by the 2nd owner and we left it in place. The car is on the last leg of restoration and is getting close to being finished and it will be for sale when completed.

Contact us if you are interested in the completed car. One of the rarest challengers on the planet, and documented.

22 Oct 2019 – Update! Its a big day for the pink Challenger. We install the motor and front end all as one unit, just like at the factory.

Feb 2020 – After final buffing, this car is done and is amazing! If you would like to come see it, it will be at Muscle Cars at the Strip 2020. March of this year. Certainly a car you will probably never see another one like.

1960 Chrysler New Yorker Convertible – $69k

Here is an ultra rare 1960 Chrysler convertible New Yorker. It is 1 of only 556 produced. There are far fewer than that still around today.

This car was special ordered by Ross Roy and included the special ordered red leather interior. The fender tag shows the special order number of 999 for the interior. We also have been in contact with Rex Roy, son of Ross Roy, to confirm that Ross had the car pulled from the line and the custom interior installed. The interior is still the original interior that came in the car. The outside has been painted once since original. Some of the chrome has been redone but mostly the car is in original condition.

After we purchased the car, we started to fix some of the items that were not working. The power windows have been completely rebuilt and the top and frame have been rebuilt and now work great. The brakes were also rebuilt and now stop the car well. We also have added new tires and gave it a tune up. We simply made it a nice driver car so it can now be driven and look great. It does have some rust on the underside but the frames are solid.

Very few of these cars remain and there are not any others with black paint and red leather. This is a true 1 of 1 car with a unique history. Drive and enjoy now or choose to do a full restoration. There is no better color on these cars than black.

Offered at $69k

1958 Patterson Race Boat – $49k

This is a 18’ race hull that was built for pleasure use. The owner commissioned Bob Patterson to build this boat for a pleasure/ speed boat. It was started in 1958 and finished in 1962.

A crate 392 Hemi was selected for the power train and the ultra rare Edelbrock intake was used. On top of the Intake are six Stromberg 97 carbs.
A VelvaDrive 2 speed trans was used with the V drive set up. This was new at the time and works very nicely even today.

A lot of personal touch and love went into the build of this boat and it is obvious throughout. The boat as you see it is totally original and unrestored. It has only been in the water 2 times since it was built. With the last time being in 1967. It is in remarkable condition and very well might be the nicest unrestored Patterson in existence. It is all period correct 50’s-60’s nostalgia.

The boat was shown at 2016 MATS and picked as the popular choice winner and was also chosen for a photo shoot for Mopar collector guide and published in 2016. It was also chosen as a top 10 car of the year in Mopar collector guide even though it was not a car. They loved it especially behind the wagon. (See the pictures below)

When we purchased this boat some 12 years ago it was bought from the original family who had it built. We ran the motor to make sure it ran but it has not been started since.

This is one of the nicest boats you have ever seen, especially being unrestored. $49,000

1968 Dodge Charger R/T – $POR

Here is another very rare and unique factory 1968 charger R/T that we are restoring right now and offering for sale. The car was purchased from an estate sale in 2011 in Reseda CA where the car had been sitting since 1990. Amazingly the car is registered in the original owners name with the original title on hand. The front end of the car was bumped into and then sat from that point on and has less than 100k original miles. The car was 95% original before we started the complete restoration.

Unfortunately the car was stored outside and the weather took its tole on the original paint and interior so we had a lot to do. It was so original and clean we chose to do a complete rotisserie restoration and use as many OEM parts as we could. Many NOS parts have also been installed to this black beauty.

The story from the family goes like this: Bob, the original owner, watched the movie “bullitt” in the spring of 1968 and loved the Charger in the movie so much that he just had to have one. He had a family friend that owned a Dodge dealership in Chicago and he contacted him and ordered this Charger almost exactly like the one in the movie. A month later the car arrived and he flew out to Chicago and drove it home to California.

The car was ordered with some great options to make it a comfortable driving car. Options include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Power disk brakes
  • 440 Magnum
  • Bucket seats with console
  • Tachometer
  • Headrest
  • Possi (Sure Grip) Rearend
  • and many others.

Of course the color of Black with black interior was chosen to match the car in the movie and it looks as sinister as ever. The car was never driven in bad weather and was not driven on a daily basis. Therefore the sheet metal is in remarkable condition. The front fenders were replaced because of the fender bender but OEM originals were used. Therefore the car retains all OEM Chrysler sheet metal, even the trunk pan. The core support still retains the correct SO number and matches the original fender tag. The car does have a very nice build sheet for documentation and an inspection card found under the seat from the factory. The motor and trans are correct with numbers matching. They have never been out of the car or rebuilt before the car came to us. The alternator, starter, carburetor and components are still original for the car and have been restored. All the side glass is original to the car and in great shape. There are a few minor scratches but we wanted to use the original glass. The front and rear glass were replaced with ECS aftermarket due to the originals being a little too pitted and scratched. The bumpers and pot metal pieces have all been rechromed and are not after market. The stainless steel pieces have been highly polished. Interior has been redone using Legendary interior components. The dash pad is still the original. Gauges were totally rebuilt by Redline gauges. Gauge faces were done by Gcar.

The car is in the middle of a full restoration and will be for sale when it is completed. This is an amazing car with all the right components for a blue chip car. Call for pricing. Expected to be complete in the summer of 2019

Update 4 April 2019 – The dash and gauges are all completed and now installed in the car. Interior is mostly complete and we now have the rear-end complete as well. Windshield is in, front end completed, and trim and wheels going on.

11 June 2019 – The car is starting to get close to completion, just finishing up the last remaining details.

Spring 2020
This Charger is absolutely stunning, as you can see in the pictures below. It turned out amazing and it is now going to be loved by one lucky owner. Car is on the road and alive again.

1971 Dodge Challenger R/T – $53k

Here is an original 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T that is an original California car as well. This car was owned and built by Ken Funk for his daughter. Most all of the restoration work was done around 10 years ago. It is a numbers matching motor and transmission and includes the original build sheet. Many of the bolt-on motor parts are all part number and date coded correct for the car. The body has just over 100k miles and is very solid. It retains all of its original sheet metal including the trunk pan. The only addition has been the shaker hood. Besides the shaker hood, the car was built back to build sheet specs with the original color and options.

The motor, however, is not the stock 8:1 compression motor that would have come in 1971. It has been freshened up very nicely and hit the dyno at a respectable 360hp. Coupled with the 727 automatic and 3:55 possi gears in the rear, it is a very strong street running car that has no problem smoking the tires. It is an excellent running and driving car that does have power steering and power disk brakes for good stopping as well.

The interior is a mix of both original and new. The seat covers are new from Legendary. The door panels and dash are still the original ones that came with the car. The dash has a couple very minor cracks but it was too nice to change it out. The gauges all work and have been freshened up by Redline gauges. The engine compartment is very original and correct as well with the correct radiator, alternator, starter, and bolt on items. The Shaker hood was added and is one of the first generation AMD. The shaker bubble and parts are the very first gen Gregory bubbles and base with NOS grills. It is hard to beat the look of a shaker on an E body.

The trunk is finished off with an OEM polyglass tire for the spare along with a complete jack system. Its wheels are still OEM correct to the car and the underside is still original and has not been painted or detailed, just cleaned very nice and left factory stock to show its authenticity. A correct exhaust system from accurate exhaust was installed including mufflers and resonators along with tips.

This is a very correct and clean driving car. Very reliable and turns heads where ever it goes.


1968 Dodge Charger R/T – $55k

This is a factory original 1968 Dodge Charger R/T and an original California car. It runs and drives extremely nice and is an original red car that has only been painted once since original. This car was wore out by 1990 at which point it was just left sitting. It was purchased in 1991 and then taken to the Detroit area. It was then pulled apart and the restoration began and then lasted the next 5 years. The outside was stripped and the engine compartment was blasted to the bare metal. It was pulled apart and restored in the owners garage. The car was painted back to its original scorch red using PPG paint. The underside of the body was cleaned and stripped. Then it was painted to match the rest of the body. All of the original body panels still remain with the car. The only metal replaced was the center of the trunk and some minor patches down low. The remaining body and floor pans are amazing and clean.

When the car was restored almost all the parts that were used were original Mopar parts and not aftermarket. Back in the 1990s there were very few aftermarket parts available for these cars, so original parts were used instead. Everything works on the car except the clock. Even the original AM radio works good with its single front speaker. All of the gauges are very clean and are accurate and the plastics faces are super nice. The seats have been recovered and the carpet was  replaced. The dash pad is the original pad and there are no cracks. The windows go up and down smooth with only minor small scratches. The door panels inside are original with the correct date code and are very nice. The engine compartment is stock and original. The carburetor is an Edelbrock and runs great. The radiator is the correct number and was rebuilt. The motor is date coded 1969 HP. It is fully balanced and blue printed and runs extremely well. Step on the throttle and the car goes sideways, plenty of power. The transmission is a correct 68 HP and shifts smooth and firm. The rear end is the stock 8 3/4 with a 3:23 possi. In fact a brand new Mopar 742 case possi unit was installed during the restoration.

On the outside the chrome has all been refurbished on the Original bumpers. The stainless parts have been cleaned and polished. The grill is original and very nice. We don’t see any cracks or breaks in the grill at this time. The headlight doors work great going up and down. The vacuum system seems to be good. The front brakes have been upgraded to disk brakes, but still with the original manual. The power steering pump has recently been rebuilt and also is working great. It steers very nice and positive and the car as a whole drives wonderful.

This car is one of the very good original cars left out there. It is a very reliable driving car that needs little maintenance. A super solid original car. It was brought back to California about 6 years ago and has been used very little since. In The last year it has been brought out of storage and fully serviced and prepped for driving. The paint has been professionally polished and looks awesome. Priced very fair in the market today for one of the hottest cars out there. This is not a trailer queen or perfect show car but an extremely nice driving car that would show well anywhere it was taken.
It is an older restoration but needs very little or nothing. Just drive it and enjoy.