1971 Dodge Super Bee

This 71 Dodge Super Bee was brought too us in a yellow color and it was actually running and driving. It appeared to be a real solid clean body that was just wore out and suffering from some 1980’s modifications. It was one of the nicer and cleaner Mopars that we have seen in a while so we were excited to work on it.

The owner wanted it brought back to life in its original color and options which we were happy to do. It was originally a beautiful gold with black stripes and interior. It is also an original 383 Magnum with 4-Speed manual transmission which made it even better.

Spring 2020

This project is back moving again and getting very close. Who would have ever thought a gold B-Body could look so good?

1969 Camaro SS

This is another one of those projects that we take in where we just fix a few things and move it on its way. We are prepping this SS Camaro for a new top and then doing some fixes to the paint work and then a complete polish and buff.

1966 Ford Mustang

This is a quick project we took in to keep some inside work this winter. The owner bought it for his wife for an anniversary present sight unseen from North Carolina and shipped straight here (in California) for some quick work and a clean up. Just needed exhaust and a top (yeah, we have heard that before). After installing the new top we tried to drive it over to the upholstery shop. On the way the tires blew out and the car didn’t make it. Since we got it back home we had the rims powder coated and new tires installed. The interior was so wiped out it was brown instead of blue and white like it was supposed to be. None of the electrical worked…and we mean nothing. So there ended up being lots of work ahead for us. What was going to be a quick project is turning out a bit longer

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S

This restoration project has a personal story to it from S&S. The family member that manages and takes care of all of the technology side of S&S (that’s me) has always loved all three generations of the Barracuda, but the second gen cars (1967-69) were always my favorite. When this basket case 1968 Formula S car came up for cheap (well, the end price is never cheap) at a swap meet, we jumped on it. That was a decade ago! Finally, the car has moved up the queue, after seemingly always getting pushed behind a customer car, and the restoration has now begun! The best part about the car is that it is exactly how I would have ordered a 1960s Mopar if I could have! Even the choice of colors. It is a Formula S, 340 with a 4-speed tranny. The paint is light yellow with black sport stripe and black interior. There were not many other options, though it does have power brakes, but manual steering. Perfect!

23 Jan 2019 – Tear down is just about complete and trim and bright work has been sent to the restorers.

11 June 2019 – Shell has been taken to the sand blaster. The gauges have been completely rebuilt and restored. The driveshaft has been rebuilt. All the chrome has been redone as well.

October 2019 – The shell is back and all sealed up. Lots of parts have been redone where possible and purchased new when had to.

1968 Dodge Charger R/T – $55k

This is a factory original 1968 Dodge Charger R/T and an original California car. It runs and drives extremely nice and is an original red car that has only been painted once since original. This car was wore out by 1990 at which point it was just left sitting. It was purchased in 1991 and then taken to the Detroit area. It was then pulled apart and the restoration began and then lasted the next 5 years. The outside was stripped and the engine compartment was blasted to the bare metal. It was pulled apart and restored in the owners garage. The car was painted back to its original scorch red using PPG paint. The underside of the body was cleaned and stripped. Then it was painted to match the rest of the body. All of the original body panels still remain with the car. The only metal replaced was the center of the trunk and some minor patches down low. The remaining body and floor pans are amazing and clean.

When the car was restored almost all the parts that were used were original Mopar parts and not aftermarket. Back in the 1990s there were very few aftermarket parts available for these cars, so original parts were used instead. Everything works on the car except the clock. Even the original AM radio works good with its single front speaker. All of the gauges are very clean and are accurate and the plastics faces are super nice. The seats have been recovered and the carpet was  replaced. The dash pad is the original pad and there are no cracks. The windows go up and down smooth with only minor small scratches. The door panels inside are original with the correct date code and are very nice. The engine compartment is stock and original. The carburetor is an Edelbrock and runs great. The radiator is the correct number and was rebuilt. The motor is date coded 1969 HP. It is fully balanced and blue printed and runs extremely well. Step on the throttle and the car goes sideways, plenty of power. The transmission is a correct 68 HP and shifts smooth and firm. The rear end is the stock 8 3/4 with a 3:23 possi. In fact a brand new Mopar 742 case possi unit was installed during the restoration.

On the outside the chrome has all been refurbished on the Original bumpers. The stainless parts have been cleaned and polished. The grill is original and very nice. We don’t see any cracks or breaks in the grill at this time. The headlight doors work great going up and down. The vacuum system seems to be good. The front brakes have been upgraded to disk brakes, but still with the original manual. The power steering pump has recently been rebuilt and also is working great. It steers very nice and positive and the car as a whole drives wonderful.

This car is one of the very good original cars left out there. It is a very reliable driving car that needs little maintenance. A super solid original car. It was brought back to California about 6 years ago and has been used very little since. In The last year it has been brought out of storage and fully serviced and prepped for driving. The paint has been professionally polished and looks awesome. Priced very fair in the market today for one of the hottest cars out there. This is not a trailer queen or perfect show car but an extremely nice driving car that would show well anywhere it was taken.
It is an older restoration but needs very little or nothing. Just drive it and enjoy.


1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite Wagon

When you have a large family and you need to haul the kids around, well, what better way to do it than in a Sport Satellite Wagon! Especially one that came from the factory with a 383-2 barrel! Only 340 383 6 passenger wagons were made in 1970 and this one has power disk brakes, a front sway bar, power steering, working A/C and even has all the original interior except for an NOS front seat. Scott is the second owner and the car only has 96k original miles and it runs and drives great! Scott’s family has a lot of fun traveling to the car shows in this wagon.

1970 Dodge Coronet Convertible

S&S purchased this 1970 Dodge Coronet convertible from southern California several years ago after it had been sitting in a barn for many years. Registration showed the last time it was registered was in 1982. The car was a very good solid convertible and we got it back on the road as a daily driver with some interior work and just a light tune up. We even installed a new top. This cool car started life as a 318 and 3 speed on the tree. Early on in the 1970’s it had been converted to a 4 speed but never was fully finished. We finished the conversion and installed the proper pistol grip. What an awesome car and fun to drive. We had told a friend about the car and it was sold to him to become a Hemi conversion with a color change that will make it incredible. Watch the total transformation into an amazing recreation of a Hemi car that you will ever see. With only 3 real Hemi convertibles produced there are not many to choose from. This car is being built as if our customer ordered it himself.

15 Dec 2018 – The paint is finished and the red bumblebee stripe has been added and interior work has begun. We have also started working on the convertible top. Take a look at some of the paint pictures and you can see the mirror like reflection in the paint. Black is the hardest to paint, but man, when you nail the body work, nothing looks better.

Jan – April 2019 – Work has moved to the interior and getting everything put together there. Front end is complete as is the rear end.

October 2019 Update – The dash board and gauges have been completely rebuilt and installed. The seats, carpet and other interior pieces are all done.

July 2020

Progress continues on this gorgeous 70 Coronet. Engine is completed and installed and we are wrapping up the details to get ready for the first drive. Looks amazing.

January 2021

The car is all finished up and as you can tell, it is absolutely stunning!

1970 Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible

This was another major restoration project for us. A 1970 Coronet R/T convertible 440-4 barrel with a pistol grip 4-speed tranny. What made this car even more rare was that it is a real air grabber with a 4:10 dana rear end. Only sixteen(16) 440-4 convertibles with a 4-speed were made and only 2 came with an air grabber and only 3 came with a 4:10 dana and no other one was known to have been made in this color. Yes, this was a true one of one car. The restoration had been started a few years before we got it but the work that was done was poor quality. It came with a build sheet and Galen documentation. It was a total basket case given to us with a heap of parts but hey, for a car like this, no problem! The color is dark tan metallic (T6) with black interior, black top and a black bumble bee stripe. Unique.